Biography & CV

Bruce lives in Sheffield, Massachusetts. Photography began as a hobby 20 years ago. On retirement, photography occupied a much more significant place in his life.

A number of years ago Bruce had a serious illness which required a lung transplant. He was confined for a couple of years. The illness and this confinement gave him a different perspective on life. Bruce used the time to study photography and painting schools. Bruce studied the history of photography and processing and printing styles in addition to the photographers who set the pathway for us to follow.

Abstract, Surrealist movements and Abstract Expressionist artists also have had a particular influence on Bruce’s work.

Bruce has taken various photography courses in addition to a great deal of self-study. In particular, courses which go beyond the image that we see, to the image that we see with our mind. He has developed a stronger connection to that landscape and our relationship to it.

Due to continuing health issues, employing anything other than the digital darkroom is out of the question. Bruce uses Photoshop and certain other related digital tools to achieve the message that he wants to share.

When Bruce was sick, meditation became an important part of his routine to address the fears of not being able to breath and the resulting terror. Bruce brought his meditation practice into his art. This body of work is slow. Much of the work is on the tripod. Meditation is an important part of this practice. Meditating for a period of time and then opening his eyes to what is around him. After removing the labels from the body of nature around him and studying the shapes, lines and color does Bruce find the subject.


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  • 2017 Berkshire Botanical Gardens, Stockbridge, MA


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