Water Project Gallery

Different weather and water conditions elicit different memories, dreams, fears, or wonderment. The morning mist rising from its surface at times leaves me thinking about my past or my dreams. A heavy fog over the water leaves me wondering what is ahead or where different paths in my past might have taken me. If the water is quiet and I just watch it, I see the reflection of the sky. Then I begin to ignore the details that are around me and concentrate on the texture of the sky reflected in the water and the water itself. Water can be translucent, warm and inviting. It can share its textures and the colors that lay below its surface. It can be black and hard, sharing nothing of itself, only reminding of darker times and difficult memories. Floating ice on a cold winter’s day reminds that water has a hardness and texture and, at the same time can be quite beautiful in the morning light; an interesting metaphor on life. On a snowy day it can be cold and austere, with no texture, just a flat surface offering nothing, just reflecting the world around it. Water can be mysterious and angry or share its wonderful shapes and colors which change with every movement it makes.