Waters of March Project Gallery

Not Long ago a friend invited me to join with him and a number of other artists in creating a body of work expressing our interpretation of the lyrics from a song (The Waters of March) by Antonio Carlos Jobim. As I was making my contributions to the project, I found that the process opened up a new way of approaching my work. I had been exploring isolating subjects and then adding color and texture to the image too express a thought. The image became less about subject and more about lines, shapes and colors.

For this project I began looking at what the phrase in the lyrics meant to me. As the project work continued, I began looking at how I reacted to the phrase and how I could share what the phrase meant to me. How I could create a conversation with the viewer of the work. I could create a conversation where the phrase was only the beginning of the conversation.

In much the same way that Jobim expressed random thoughts, each image is a bit different in its expression, but consistent in its connection to nature. Consistent in how we are all dependent on nature as much as She is dependent on us. In each image there are symbols which carry a meaning. Hopefully the viewer will bring their own meanings to each of these images to continue the conversation.